NCCI Report: PEO Model Works for Workers Comp Premiums

NCCI preliminary research challenges some long-standing negative perceptions about Professional Employment Organizations (PEOs).

Authored by NCCI Chief Economist Harry Shuford and presented at the 2013 Annual Issues Symposium, the report concludes that PEO claims experience as measured by loss ratios or claim costs relative to premium was no worse and was typically better than that of non-PEOs.

Workers compensation premium recovery offers brokers and PEO owners an effective tool to place more workers comp business on their workers comp policies.

If you’re a PEO in a state with a master policy, we can knock down the experience mod or obtain other credits, just like receiving refunds on an individual workers comp policy. Or, if you’re in a state like New York or New Jersey where each employer’s experience is used and the premium is pooled together for the discount, hiring a firm to reduce the experience mods of these poor risks may very well enable an immediate entry into the PEO’s workers comp policy for those employers with poor experience.